How to Fund Your Kickstarter campaign Hooray! Thanks to...

How to Fund Your Kickstarter campaign

Hooray! Thanks to services Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we finally have a mechanism to fund our dream project! But is it as easy as just asking your friends or audience to support your thing? It sounds like a lot of work. And how do you avoid annoying everyone with tweets and updates during the campaign’s run? Suppose I raise a boatload of money during the campaign: Do I get to keep the extra income, or does it have to go back into the project?

I’m joined by C. Spike Trotman and Laur Uy, cartoonists who have successfully funded multiple Kickstarter campaigns, who spill their secrets to engaging an audience, managing costs, and building a system of reward tiers that will elicit support for your dream project.

We also have our regular round of book recommendations with AADL PLA Rachel Moir!

Audio version and show notes here.

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