From Instagram: October 31, 2018 at 11:56AM

Final #inktober2018 update! A little more information about the Cursed Cuckoo from the #baronvonbear mini-comic. Cursed Cuckoo One of the Twelve Corrupted Clocks, the Cursed Cuckoo casts a disorienting time spell to draw its victims close as they inspect the clock's face to verify the time. Once in range, the clock uses its clock weights to enstare the unfortunate soul and draw them up through the bottom of the clock. The doomed person is slowly devoured by the wicked forces that placed the corruption on the clock. But this alone is not enough to satisfy the cruelty of curse. Not all of the unfortunate creature is consumed. A tiny, dessicated miniature of the victim's being remains seated upon a small chair within the clock. The victim is forever doomed to only see the outside world once every hour, unless the can find a replacement to sit in the chair, or unless the cuckoo's curse is undone. The whereabouts of the other eleven Corrupted Clocks is unkown, but they are considered equally if not more dangerous. #inktober #drawing #illustration #cuckooclock
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