From Instagram: March 05, 2019 at 09:18PM

I’m super grateful for the group that attended my final round of comics class at @a2artcenter. They were all highly motivated, funny, thoughtful, and creative. For our last session we did an art trade where they had to make me an awesome page of comics and I drew them something in return. I came out ahead on the deal, I think. I use a lot of gameful random prompts in my exercises (some from Jessica Abel and Matt Madden’s excellent Drawing Words and Writing Pictures). The hope is to create some playful constraints that spark creativity and lead to discoveries in their work. I also emphasize that because everything in a comic is drawings, then nothing is real, which means everything is equally real (even the word balloons!). This student took those two themes and integrated them into one of the most flattering goodbyes I’ve ever received. ❤️
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