I lead a variety of comics workshops and ongoing classes for kids and teens, as well as professional development sessions for educators. I'm available to lead an event at your public school, university, or public library. Here are some of my more popular workshops:
(Youth/Teens) 1.5 Hours Learn how a cartoonist uses drawings, panel size, and crazy sound effects to immerse their readers in the story! Cartoonist Jerzy Drozd will lead you in an interactive discussion on some of the fundamental comics storytelling principles, after which you ?ll be invited to create a short comics story of your own!
 (9-12yrs) 1.5 Hours Make an army of robots, an army of monsters, and send them off to battle for world supremacy! In this hands-on workshop cartoonist, Jerzy Drozd will instruct you on how to design and draw an implacable horde of robot soldiers, followed by an exercise in using random shapes to create a maniacal mass of monsters. You ?ll then be invited to create a comic where you ?ll decide who wins the battle!
 (9-12 yrs) 1.5 Hours Explore some of the many tricks in a cartoonist's bag to make characters leap off of the page! Join cartoonist Jerzy Drozd in a hands-on workshop where you'll create action scenes that will set your readers aquiver!
Want to have me visit your school or library but can't afford to fly me there? I am also available to make classroom visits and lead workshops via Skype video!
Some of my workshops are available as downloadable time-shifted videos on the Lean Into Art learning network. You can take the class at your convenience, then post your work in the forum for input from me. Here are a few of the workshops I've created there:
FTAM! Designing Sound Elements in Adobe Illustrator
Sequences and Consequences, a Storytelling Game
Comics Fundamentals, a Soup-to-Nuts Comics Workshop Series
Looking for something different? I'm happy to design a custom workshop to suit the needs of your students.

My fee as of January 2017 is $400 per programming hour. I typically require the use of a digital projector and a dry erase board or flip chart. The students will need copy paper and pencils for the hands-on portion of the workshops. You can contact me at

Below is a talk I led that spotlights the energy of my workshops as well as makes the case for why I lead them. I led this talk in 2011 for Ignite Great Lakes.You can see longer videos, as well as more samples of my classroom visits, on my Vimeo channel.